Deschutes and Boulevard #2

Mon, 22 Aug 2011 16:45:52 GMT
Deschutes and Boulevard #2
Deschutes and Boulevard have teamed up to make a "white IPA", basically a Belgian-style witbier with some potent hops. It appears that they collaborated on the list of ingredients, and then went off to do their own thing with them. The results are similar yet different in a very delicious way. More info here: [] no one's surprise, the Deschutes version is more hoppy, punchier up front, with a lingering floral finish. The Boulevard is almost honey-sweet, almost lager-like in its upfront hops, relaxing to zesty flowers and finishing up with bitter hops lingering on the back-end. So pretty much a reversal, with Deschutes using hops to bring out the flowers, and Boulevard using the malt in a similar way, leaving the hops as a post-meal mint.

Either way, good stuff. Let's see if this works: