Brainstorming Dweller future

Mon, 26 Sep 2011 17:24:13 GMT
Brainstorming Dweller future
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There are a couple of things that I wanted to address for some time, but I've been so head down in the mechanics (still am, armor and ranged combat remaining) that it got put off over and over.

First, I still don't have a concept of endgame, or deeper design than just keep-going-down-and-kill-things. While this is fine for plenty a roguelike, I always wanted to do a little bit more. The game was always intended as a hybrid roguelike and dungeon simulator (lite), it's just that the roguelike had to happen first so there was a foundation to build off of. A lot of things are created with that in mind - the randomized weaponry, randomized levels, randomized critters, flexible tiling system, the planned Events as an action trigger ... I'm sure I'm not looking far ahead enough and will have to do rewrites anywhere, but I'm trying to plan for many eventualities.

With that in mind, the game will eventually let you control and alter dungeon rooms to your liking. I have yet to decide what those will be, other than some basics such as Armory, Training Room, Baths (a clean monster is a happy monster!), Recruitment Center all of which will impact the number and equipment of friendlies on a level, and then luxury things like Alchemist, Weaponmaster, and of course a Dungeon Enhancements 'R Us so you can obtain traps and such. As I think of these things, some sort of design plan is crystallizing in my head for "endgame". See, the initial concept of you being a disgruntled dungeon inhabitant and turning on your creator/paymaster works only up until you get to him/her and take them out. But then what?

Well, I still have the core of heroes invading the dungeon and trying to do the task for you, so you have to deal with them as well. But once you get there, what would be the reason for the monsters to line up behind you, and for the dungeon to be secure? There wouldn't be - so you turn right around and go back with the wizard's (or warlord's, or mad scientist's) artifact (haven't decided what yet, how does this sound:), the Sceptre of Sealing, and make your dungeon the most secure, well-defended and most importantly - unionized and well-paying! - dungeon ever. Hmm, maybe the Sceptre of Fair Pay. At this point the monsters will be mostly neutral with only a few holdouts, you'll have more money so you can build more structures, and the influx of heroes (who have heard of the wizard's downfall and are running for the loot) will become a serious problem and teaming up with other monsters will become vital.


I think with this somewhat tongue in cheek design concept I have no choice but to outsource some snark for the game. I therefore welcome all comments in that vein - I could use monster, weapon and armor names and attributes, as well as catchphrases to display on the (nonexistent title screen). So far I got:

"Dungeon dwellers of the underworld, unite; you have nothing to lose but well, everything."
"Dungeon Contractors LLC; no dungeon too small, some wizards too tough."
"One day only - patented hero detectors. Only at Dungeon Enhancements 'R us!"
"A monster has appeared! Run/Fight/Talk/Swap stories?"
"A hero party has appeared; the paladin looks buff. Run/Run/Run/Run?"

I JUST MADE THESE UP ALSO (you might be able to tell). This is GAME DEV.